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Discover the secret of creating simple review videos that bring in cash like clockwork. Build passive income online by setting up these video cash machines each week. Review products in a powerful way where visitors WANT to take action on your offer and put money in your bank account! Newbie Friendly.


The front end product is a 26 page PDF that shows your subscriber how to create multiple review videos that convert Video Visitors into BUYERS.

This unique 3 step method shows how to use the power of a specific formula to make this happen.

It’s a shortcut to fast video conversions by using a very specific script that naturally makes people WANT to take action after watching your video.

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Buyer Keywords Profit Formula is a complete step by step system guide that will show even a complete beginner how to find best buyer keywords and earning big profit from them.


Most marketers make the mistake of selecting many keywords without having what I like to call “Buyer Intention.”

To put it differently, key words getting thousands of visits that are monthly are seen by them, load them into a PPC effort, and only be prepared to see the cash roll in.

Proven formula for easily locating those buyer key words that bring in buyers to your own offer:

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Discover How A Newbie Made $50 Per Day In 5 Minutes Just By Using Videos And CPA Marketing – Stupid Simple, No Skills Required, 6 Videos Explain You EVERYTHING You Need To Make Your First $50 In 24 Hours Or Less – Day In, Day Out!


  • Allen has created an awesome 6 Days Video Training Course where he walks you through and show you exactly what he is doing to create ugly and very simple videos that makes $50+ per Day on AUTO-PILOT and he wants to show you how you can copy him…
  • Just to let you know this offer is on a dime sale which means the price is rising every sale so hurry go here now:

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[GET] The Super List Method 2.0 Review & Download

How is it possible for a complete newbie to earn $4,000 in one day?


Fair question.

I’ve got my copy of the SLM 2.0 open in front of me. And I’m looking at the Super List Star Case Studies.

I can tell you with 100% confidence that it is real. I can’t reveal the trick Alex is using (he’d send the British secret service after me for ruining the surprise!). But I can tell you that this is obnoxiously legitimate.

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So do you want to build a super list of profitable subscribers? Or do you want to keep sitting on the sidelines waiting for a miracle that probably won’t ever come?

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